PVC Straight Edge Window Sill 2.5m

Product Information
SKU ZZBOM103503-2.5

PVC White Straight Edge Window Sill - This white gloss Window Sill will provide a durable finish to your windows, whilst adding a touch of style to your home interiors. This Window Sill only needs a simple wipe down to retain its good-as-new appearance and will never need painting or sanding. This makes installation incredibly painless and straightforward; the boards are easily glued into place and you won’t need to use any nails. These boards are also lightweight and easy to handle meaning installation is fast. 

The waterproof properties of the PVC construction allows this window sill board to be used in any room in your home, including your bathrooms and wet rooms.


  • 150mm - 400mm width variants
  • PVC Window Sill(s) With Straight Edge
  • White Gloss Finish
  • Material - PVC
  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Clean
  • Maintain to Maintain - No Painting or Sanding Required
  • Designed to be Long-Lasting
  • Window Sill 2.5m long

Available Dimensions

- 2.5m Long x 150mm Wide
- 2.5m Long x 175mm Wide 
- 2.5m Long x 200mm Wide 
- 2.5m Long x 230mm Wide 
- 2.5m Long x 250mm Wide 
- 2.5m Long x 300mm Wide 
- 2.5m Long x 400mm Wide 

Trim Pack Size
The price shown is for 1 x 2.5m long Window Sill Board

Easy Fit     10 Year Guarantee    Easy Clean