Plumbers Gold Clear

Product Information


Plumbers Gold Clear from Ever Build is a flawless primer-less adhesive with a mould shield silicone sealant, this adhesive can even be applied to wet surfaces and will even work when underwater! This adhesive has been specially formulated for the plumbing professional. A sealant that has been based on hybrid polymer technology offering outstanding adhesion to all bathroom, wet room, sanitary, kitchen and plumbing materials.

This sealant bonds to pretty much any material including acrylics, ceramics, marble, glass, plastics, fibreglass, aluminium, granite, metals, mirrors and so on. 

  • High bonding strength
  • Apply this sealant to wet surfaces and even whilst underwater
  • Waterproof & weatherproof
  • Suitable for interior & exterior usage
  • Immensely powerful anti-fungal properties - preventing mould growth on sealant / tested and approved for 5 years accelerated ageing
  • Permanently flexible, with 20% movement accommodation
  • Resistant to chemicals & petrol - 10% dilute acids / alkalis & most solvents*
  • Outstanding primerless adhesion to most surfaces*

Adhesive Sealant Quantity

This bottle contains 290ml of sealant & adhesive