Maximum Torque

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Maximum Torque is based on next generation hybrid polymer technology that is the ultimate high grab adhesive, providing a level of immediate grab strength not previously possible with cartridge packed adhesives. The unique polymer blend used in Maximum Torque gives incredible initial grab, typically double that of most grab adhesives on the market today, eliminating the need for temporary support in most applications. Maximum Torque has the ability to bond basically EVERYTHING to ANYTHING in virtually all conditions. Where other adhesives promise to replace Nails and Screws, Maximum Torque even replaces Nuts & Bolts in many applications.

  • Direct Bond Adhesive With Legendary Grabbing Performance
  • The Solvent Free Formula Will Not React With Plastic And Is Ideal To Use With All Our Panels
  • Use Where One Surface Is Porous (Plasterboard, Plastered Walls, Brick, Block, Timber etc)
  • We Recommend Using Half A Tube Per Panel On Installation
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Adhesive Quantity
This bottle contains 290ml of adhesive

Method Of Application

  • Cut the Maximum Torque nozzle at an angle of 45 degrees to create a clean cut then pierce membrane
  • Apply onto surface using an industry standard sealant gun
  • Apply a 5mm bead of adhesive in a zig zag method along the length of the panel to be fixed
  • Press into place and apply an even pressure onto the entire surface 
  • Leave to dry and cure for 24-48hours

    Note | If gap filling is required - for example panels against an uneven wall, mark the areas where there is a larger gap and apply a thicker bead in these affected areas.