STRIVO®Acoustic Slat Panel - Light Oak

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Product Information
Width 600mm
Length 2400mm
Depth 21mm
Colour Light Oak
Material MDF, veneer & PET Polyester fibre
Finish Wood

Strivo® Acoustic Light Oak Slat Panel

If you're looking to add drama and visual interest to your space, look no further than Strivo® Acoustic Slat Wall Panels.

These wood slat panels not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space but also offer practical benefits such as soundproofing and eliminating echoes in larger rooms.

By incorporating Strivo® Slat Panels to your home you will be able to achieve the look and feel of a professionally designed space without blowing your budget.
Perfect for creating stylish modern feature walls throughout multiple applications in the home, such as ; bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, offices etc.


Installation - Prior to installation the panels must be placed on a flat surface for 24hrs in the room where they will be installed, in order to acclimatise with the ambient temperature and humidity of the room. The wall you are intend to apply the panel should be smooth and dry.

Maintenance - Periodic dusting and vacuuming helps to maintain the panels appearance. When vacuuming use a low suction setting and a soft brush attachment. To avoid discolouration and warping avoid installing panels in a location that is subject to prolonged periods of direct sunlight or heat.


Individual Panel Size
Width : 600mm
Height : 2400 mm
Thickness : 21mm



  • Strivo® 3D Slat Panel
  • Immediate 3D Texture on wall
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Can be installed vertically, horizontally or diagonally.