Multipanel Monument Grey Herringbone Tile Effect Shower Panel


Product Information
Width 598mm
Length 2400mm
Depth 11mm
Colour Grey
Material MDF
Finish Matt
SKU MT780HT7228

The Monument Grey Herringbone Tile Effect Shower Panel is dark with a blue undertone. It works well as shower cladding or at half height paired with any variation of Alpine White. We recommend styling your bathroom with gold or brushed brass accessories for a luxurious touch.

Now, with the innovative Multipanel system, you can experience that dream bathroom without the hassle or expense of real marble tiles. Create beautiful spaces with Multipanel waterproof bathroom wall panels, the luxurious and modern way to decorate your bathroom. 

Multipanel Monument Grey Herringbone Tile Effect Panel size information

Panels in the Tile Collection are 2400mm x 598mm and all feature our Hydrolock® edge. Please note that the Hydrolock® edge reduces the finished face of the panel by 18mm, i.e. 2400mm x 598mm becomes 2400mm x 580mm.

Tile size is 410mm x 123mm with a 2.5mm grout line. All panels are 11mm thick.

Multipanel Trims & Accessories

Multipanel bathroom wall panels can be finished to create a watertight seal using profiles. Available in White, Black, Polished Silver and Anodised Silver to complement your choice of panel colour.

Seal and protect your wall panels using Multipanel Trims. 

Multipanel Trims and Accessories

    Multipanel 30 Year Product Warranty

    Multipanel wall panels are covered by a 30-year product warranty that the
    panels will not crack, blister or delaminate and will remain watertight when fitted and sealed in accordance with our published installation guidance.