Vox Vilo Motivo Modern Sunny Plank | 3 Pack


Product Information
Length 2650mm
Depth 8mm
Colour Modern Sunny
Material PVC
Finish Waterproof
SKU VW3021046

Vilo Motivo Modern Sunny Plank PVC Bathroom Cladding

This Vilo Motivo range of panelling comes in packs of 3, each pack creates its unique design and continues on should you wish to add more to cover a larger area.

The new Vilo range from Vox has been extremely popular and one of the most popular styles within this range is the Sunny Plank PVC wall panels. Each of the Sunny Plank wall panels are 2650mm (26.5 cm) in length, 250mm (33cm) in width and 8mm in depth. At The Panel Company we sell the Vox Vilo Sunny Plank panels in packs of 3, each pack will cover a total surface area of 2.65 sq/m.

The Vox Vilo range can be used for a wide variety of different applications. Many of our customers have used them to create a beautiful feature wall, whilst others have used them as a solution to cover a full room. The Vilo Sunny Plank wood style from Vox can be used in the bedroom, as a feature wall, kitchen, bathroom, shower room, toilet and many other rooms in the home or in a commercial setting.

This style from Vox is a beige prominent colour with numerous light pastel tones mixed into it which has a wood effect on it. The Vox Vilo Sunny Plank Wood wall panels can be used both vertically and horizontally to create a different style and effect. These wall panels are very easy to install and offer a hygienic solution that is easy to clean.

Individual Panel Size
Width : 330 mm
Height : 2650 mm
Thickness : 8 mm

Panel Pack Size
The price shown is for a pack of 3 that will cover 2.6 m2 total surface area.


  • Quick And Easy Installation
  • No Grouting Required
  • Easy To Keep Clean
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Panel 2650mm x 330mm x 8mm - 3 Pack
  • Product Code  VW3021046

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