The Smart Alternative to Tiles.

Bathroom Wall Panels are a genuine alternative to bathroom tiling and come with a whole host of benefits.
But why get paneling over tiling? The biggest drawback to tiling, of course, is the grout. The grouting can get dirty pretty easily; not only that, but they stain with ease, making it incredibly difficult to keep them clean if you’re not careful. They’re also susceptible to the buildup of mould - something you have to be extremely careful of when it comes to your bathroom. Paneling is very resistant to the buildup of mould because there simply isn’t anywhere for moisture to become trapped; it all runs off, which is extremely important when it comes to the interior of your shower.

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Heat Insulating Properties: Unlike tiles, the properties of Wall Panels absorb and hold heat. This gives them a warm to the touch feel, something you don't get with regular tiles.

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Easy to Install: Wall Panels are simple to install with only minimal DIY skills and tools required. We offer a range of installation guides to help our customers.

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Easy to Maintain: Unlike tiles there is no grout to go moldy, all you have to do is wipe them down with a damp cloth. No abrasive tools or cleaning chemicals needed