Jun 20, '17

Bathroom tiles and the grouting were invented some 2000 years ago by the romans at least. Isn’t it time that we moved on? At the Panel Company believe it is. It’s time for something new, and we have just the right solution.

PVC panels were until relatively recently considered a poorer, cheap alternative to ceramic tiles. In fairness, that was once true; but no longer. The last few years have seen amazing developments in the quality of the panels and the range of finishes and textures.

Alongside the traditional sparkles or plain finishes there are now marble, wood, high resolution print and textured stone finishes. Where there were once just flat shiny panels there are now gloss, matt and textured panels. The choice is simply enormous and at the Panel Company we pride ourselves in having the largest range in the UK and we are constantly developing new and inspirational designs.

Our goal at the Panel Company is the largest range, the best price and the highest levels of customer service. We would agree that this sounds ambitious, but we live and breathe panels, just ask our partners!

So why are we so passionate about bathroom panels. Simply put, we’re excited because we’re at the forefront of a revolution. Finally you can have a great looking bathroom, at the right price and at a quality that will amaze you. No tiling! No grout! No mess!

Our bathroom panels are incredibly easy to fit. They are tongue and groove and just require an adhesive to place on any wall. You can even put them over your existing tiles so there is no need to smash the old ones off, with all the dust and problems that entails, followed by skimming and placement of tiles then finally grouting! Fitting panels is easy, simple and clean. It can either be the perfect DIY project or it is a quick and easy job for a fitter. We also have a wide range of outstanding ceiling panels that are the perfect addition to your bathroom project. They will stay clean and bright for years to come. So much cheaper and so much easier!

And when they are installed, the look that you get on day one will last for years. No grout which means no germ-trap, discolouration, mould or mildew. The look stays clean and hygienic for years to come. Maintenance is limited to washing with soapy water. Simple and easy!

Ideally we suggest that you also install our click luxury vinyl tiles. Beautifully finished, either in incredibly realistic stone or wood effect. These tiles are non-slip, waterproof and really simple to install. Simply cut them to shape and click in to place; no need to even them down! They will provide the ideal finish to your bathroom at an outstandingly low price.

So on those cold winter nights you will finally have a warm, insulated and luxurious bathroom. No freezing tiles or floors that make your bathroom cold and encourage condensation that in itself leads to mouldy grout. Yuck!

Hopefully you now have an idea why we are so excited. And here’s the boring bit. Everything is Class 1 fire rated. The wall and ceiling panels come with a 10 year product guarantee and we cut no corners in delivering a class-leading 25 year product guarantee for the floors.

So, do you want to join the bathroom revolution? Please do give us a call on 0800 086 8925 and our team will be only too willing to help you through every stage of your project. All we ask is that you send us before and after pictures. We just love those!

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