May 27, '17

DIY and decorating your own home is a pastime as British as fish and chips or rainy bank holiday weekends. The success of huge stores such as B&Q and home base are testament to the fact that the people of our country do like to work on their own homes.

As online purchases for certain products begins to grow we are starting to ponder if these huge stores will continue to be so dominant in coming years. Of course there are logistical issue to consider here, delivering lengths of 2 by 4 and half a dozen tins of paint is awkward and heavy and this is perhaps why online marketplaces such as Amazon and Etsy haven’t started to eat away significantly at the sizable pie that is home improvement.

But it highly possible it’s going to happen, and more than likely quite soon.

We look online for inspiration, so it follows, with the types of Ads that work so subliminally on Social Media, that the products we like we should and could be able to buy with a swipe of our thumbs, but does buyer remorse, of not seeing that shade of off white compared to the other shades stop us from doing it?

Maybe that exactly it, furnishings can be bought online, what you see is what you get. But with decoration you really need to SEE what you are getting with your own eyes to imagine how this will work with your room and the whole flow of your home.

At The Panel Company we are taking a realistic approach to current consumer behaviour. We are building our online presence at pace, to keep up with our client’s behaviour, this helps us to offer better deals to our customers using the data that ecommerce provides us with.  

Being everywhere is essential and our digital marketing exploits will aim to do that very thing. We are taking the long way round by populating our Social Media feeds with unique content for each of the most popular Social Networks, so you will find something special on each of them.

We look forward to sharing more with you all about our products, company and brand online and if you like what you see then please let us know, order a free sample, or measure up and make your order. Buying online is the future, but when we will have to wait and see.

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