Make the most of a Small Bathroom with Cladding

Make the most of a Small Bathroom with Cladding

Apr 6, '16

When you have a small bathroom space and you wish to gain the most out of it then you need to consider bathroom cladding, it’s such a great choice for any bathroom and can suit any budget.

Not only does cladding look amazing it is also an extremely effective way of water-proofing the walls. Small bathroom spaces need light and if you are lucky enough to have windows and natural light then make the most of it with a natural coloured bathroom cladding such as sandstone or even white. If your small bathroom has limited light, then try adding some ceiling down lighters which can be set flush with ceiling cladding for a warm, ambient yet bright look and feel. For a bathroom with limited light consider installing one of the lighter sparkle cladding ranges, this will enhance light. The light will capture the sparkle elements in the cladding and bounce beams of light around your bathroom giving the appearance of a much larger space. Mirrors can also be placed flush with wall cladding, again to assist with light and space.

With a with a large variety of cladding styles and materials to choose from, it can often be difficult knowing which one is right for you, so take the time to go and visit one of our showrooms to see for yourself what can be achieved.

White suites are very popular and tend to appeal to most people, so if you are looking to sell your house before you refresh your bathroom then it’s probably wise to install a white bathroom suite. White suites can also create the feeling of space and light to again a great idea for small bathrooms. How you set out your bathroom in a small space is important so ask an experienced plumber for a layout design to make the most of the space and be sure not to leave and dark corners of wasted area.

Another great idea for a small bathroom is floor cladding, it can really open up the space and compliment wall cladding, whilst retaining that all important water tightness! For your flooring consider a stone colour or one of the natural ranges, you could even plump for a wooden effect and rest assured no trees were harmed in the making of your cladding!. You may even wish to consider floor lights to enhance the space, airiness and light.

Wall cladding has evolved so rapidly over the years to become available in many different materials, styles and colours. It is more often than not a cheaper alternative to tiles for the same look but it is a much easier proposition to clean and maintain. Not only is cladding cheaper to purchase it is also very easy to install, many people do it themselves as there is no messy grout, tile breakages or lining each tile in place. If you don’t have the skills or time to install it yourself there are many skilled specialists around who will gladly do it for you, generally at a much lower cost than tiling.

Here you can see a clean and light natural wood effect bathroom cladding, it is textured and warm yet hygienic and easy to clean.

Below is a lovely example of woodless cladding, it looks amazing on any wall and ceiling but now because it isn’t wood you can have this beauty on the floor of your bathroom! How very novel! Consider this to warm and add depth to any small bathroom.

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