Nov 21, '16

Do you need a wall system that has been designed for demanding applications? At Vox, we are proud to introduce the brand new Kerradeco Bio wall system. The new system is perfect for any business or industry environment where moisture, water, scratches and abrasions can be an issue. These are no longer a problem with a new cladding that delivers on the promise of durability.


Why Use The New Kerradeco Bio Wall System?

The new wall system has been designed to eradicate the issues of other wall cladding and build in fresh benefits. Those interested will be pleased to hear that the new system is the perfect alternative for drywall, ceramic tiles and even wallpaper.

You can install the new wall system yourself with an easy DIY process. The best part is that once it is setup unlike other wall systems, it requires virtually no maintenance. We can guarantee our Bio wall system will last with our ultimate ten-year guarantee!


Key Advantages

If you are interested in upgrading your walls, there are plenty advantages to this system. Firstly, it is one hundred percent waterproof, and that will be ideal for any industry where moisture can be an issue. At Vox, we feel this includes a wide range of industries from beauty salons and hospitals, to car washes and restaurants.

With no maintenance work required and very little cleaning needed, the wall system is also cost effective. After installation, you won’t need to spend time and money making sure the wall system stays in great condition. It has been designed to make it easy to clean and uses a bacteriostatic agent. With this wall system, there will be no threat from the growth of bacteria in your business. For any company that involves the storage food or that offers medical treatment, this is a massive benefit. It will give your premises the highest level of hygiene available.

You don’t need to worry about the new system being unsightly either. The Kerradeco Bio integrates seamlessly into the old system, so that it just looks like part of the wall. Even you won’t be able to see the difference!


Any Industry Or Business Will Benefit

Due to the massive improvements of this system, we think there are countless numbers of industries and businesses that could benefit. There are plenty of companies that operate using liquids with the threat of both spillage and moisture damage constantly present. With this new wall system that will be a worry of the past.

 We can’t think of any business that wouldn’t benefit from a wall system that is completely scratch resistant. If you want your company to stay looking new and well maintained for years, this is the cladding option for you.


Cut Costs And Go Green

 At Vox we are proud to be able to say this one of the greenest wall systems on the market. All the materials used are 100 percent recyclable so with this system you can keep your business cost effective and eco-friendly.

 We know this new system is going to benefit a lot of business owners and we are sure you will be thrilled with the results.

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