May 29, '17

1. You don't shut the toilet lid when you flush.

You really, really should do this. It’s not about being particular, or the difference between being male or female. Studies have shown that the average flush can throw water vapour from the toilet basin to anything up to 3 metres away. Now how far away is your sink and toothbrush from the toilet? Put the lid down….ALWAYS!!

2. You never wash the shower curtain.

The humble shower curtain is slowly being replaced with more hygienic shower screens and boxed showers, but there are still more homes with a shower curtain than without. More than half the people asked in a recent survey had never even considered washing there shower curtain, let alone washed the thing. Remember folks, this is a material object, throw it in the washing machine and hang it out to dry. Between showers always make sure to pull it fully out to prevent mildew building up on the curtain.

3. You never use the extractor fan.

I am guilty of this one. I hate the noise, it annoys me a lot. If you hate it as much as me, then at least run it for 4 or 5 minutes after you’ve finished in the shower. A lot of shower rooms don’t have windows and if they do then it’s rarely warm enough to leave it ajar whilst you have a shower, so using the extractor is vital to avoid mould forming in cracks and crevices around your shower cubicle or bath.

4. Lying your Toothbrush down on the sink, or keeping it upright in a cup.

Firstly, let’s not forget what we said about putting the lid down on the toilet when you flush. or brush or that matter. If you lie your toothbrush down on the sink, no matter how clean your sink is, because it spends so much time wet, this becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, mould and mildew, which transmits straight to your toothbrush and straight into your mouth. Ewwwww. You need to stand your toothbrush up so it dries freely, but if you stand it up in a cup or glass then make sure you wash that cup or glass out every couple of days, not a couple of months. If you don’t then just look at what builds up in the bottom of the cup or glass….go on, check it out now, in your bathroom.

5. Checking your mobile phone on the toilet.

Probably everyone with a mobile is guilty of this. Everything that goes into the bathroom will get contaminated with what’s going on in the bathroom. You wash your hand after you’ve been to the toilet, right? But I’m guessing you don’t really disinfect your phone. Then you get a call and you slap it right up to your face. Urgh!!!!

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